my revolution

from by doubt



a song about frustration with putting revolution, whether personal or political, into real action


Well I know this system's fucked
but I don't know how to look up
all this theory doesn't matter
when you're head's out on a platter tonight

I say I want a revolution
pretending I know what that means
if I did it'd all be easy
but i'll never know the way to get clean

so for now i'll keep listening
to the ones who know better than me
and one day I might just follow
but right now it's just a hollowing scene

'til then i'll just stick to my guns
do my best to survive in this one
for me survival is resistance
and resistance is just all that i've got


from hell of a year EP, released February 19, 2014




doubt Birmingham, Alabama

palm-muted power chords from a sad, bitter, teenage queer girl from the south

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