from by doubt



well these days i'm just a balloon
waiting to pop, never know what to do
and when that day finally comes
my apathy will show me
how badly i fucked up

and if i wanted to come back
to these people who think i'm a hack
it still wouldn't matter
it's already shattered
i'm battered and bruised and confused abused

when she fucked me up I was young
just 13 years old and she cut out my tongue
she fucked me and left me for dead
she made all these monsters lay eggs in my head

i left her behind far too late
i found someone else, someone without that hate
but I didn't matter enough
now they're both gone and now i'm fucking up


i'm already gone


from hell of a year EP, released February 19, 2014




doubt Birmingham, Alabama

palm-muted power chords from a sad, bitter, teenage queer girl from the south

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